Fundo Chincheros

We offer a totally new tourism alternative combining lodge and activities. There is no better place in the Altiplano where the visitor can visit the Titikaka lake and have a complete experience of contact with farm animals and the nature.

Fundo Chincheros is a late 19th century ranch, dedicated to traditional Andean animal husbandry and recently to the tourism activity. Not more than 20 minutes by car from Puno city. We offer accommodation facilities at the farm house, horseback riding, country walks, bird watching, lama and alpaca lifestock, share daily farm activities, or just spending time to relax in nature.


We have five warm and cosy rooms full of style and history, carefully equipped and decorated. All these have heating and wonderful aromatic amenities.

Twin & Family Rooms

There are single, double or twin bedrooms with private bathroom, and also family rooms which consist in two rooms net to each other sharing one private bathroom.

Feel At Home

You can relax in your comfortable room with stile and history, use the nice and well equipped kitchen, share a nice glass of wine in front of the chimney or enjoy the magnificent star view from the terrace.

Live The Experience

You can go horseback riding, explore different walking trails along the farm and surroundings, such as our trail through the distinctive cactus forest, or simply enjoy the stunning scenery and the tranquility at the house farm.

Titicaca Lake

The best combination to visit the Titicaca Lake and enjoy a beautiful experience in Puno.


Short Visit

If the time is short, this small visit can be adjusted to a journey by car or on the way to/from the airport. The visitor will appreciate and have an explanation about the llamas and alpacas while the can enjoy a nice coffee break.

Lunch with Llamas

Our lunches are served in the garden of the farmhouse, the food is cooked in clay pots in the traditional way with organic and local products. Finishing the lunch, a cattle of llamas and alpacas arrive to see us, or us to see them and have an explanation about this interesting farm animals.

BBQ & Campfire

The BBQ is made on a traditional way, starting with a tapas snack of olives, chesse, pebre salad and bread. On the grill comes different kind of meat, like beef loin, lam ribs, chincken wings and chorizo, there is also a vegetarian option with oinions, paprika, mushroms, zucchini and aubergine. All this served with local potatos and salad, combined with a wonderfull peruvian whine.

Horseback Riding

Proud breeders Peruvian Paso horse, we offer horseback riding tour based on the taste and experience of our visitors. We give visitors an introductory class to give them enough confidence with the horse and to know better the expertise level of the rider. We have routes of one and three hours, riding along the farm and surroundings, through nice valleys, forest, among the farmer community and near the Titicaca Lake and the train rail like real cow boys. If visitors are interested and have good experience with horses, we can organize customized tours by horse of one or more days, there are plenty of beautiful and interesting places to visit by horse.

Walking Trails

There are 125 hectares to enjoy different types of wonderful hikes, some flat and relaxed and other more challenging, all of them offer you a fantastic scenery of the altiplano. You can see the farm animals, walk across an interesting cactus forest, walk through a nice valley or enjoy the view and history of the pre-inca ceremonial center.

Cactus Forest Trail

There are not many places where you can find a natural forest made by Cylindropuntia Cactus, which is located almost at the top of the hill, you will hike almost 100 meters high, that make this hike a full scenery trail, with magnificent view to the Altiplano and to this shallow part of the Titicaca Lake. Then you will continue passing through an ancient pre-Inca ceremonial centre which is at the top of the hill, here you have a magnificent 360 degrees view. You start to descend the hill and still until reach the horses stable and later the house farm.

Rail road trail

This is a nice and easy walk, you start visiting the Peruvian Step Horses, and continue to the railroad where you will enjoy a beautiful scenery until reach the cow’s stable, then we continue to visit the llamas and alpacas, where you can see and learn the difference between this two lovely animals, after a nice close ups and selfies we can continue walking back to the house farm.

4x4 Tours

Customised private tours on a 4x4, visiting the shores of the Titicaca Lake, tipical villages, archeological centers, wonderfull landscapes, the best food, compleete a perfect alternative experience in Puno.

If you want to see the Titicaca Lake on a different way Text this is a nice option, we will depart from Fundo Chincheros on a 4x4 truck and visit the northern part of the lake shore, visiting small towns and villages and a small cemetery with the best view ever!, making enough stops on the way to enjoy the magnificent view of the Lake and have contact with the local people. We will reach an interesting beach of the lake called Ccotos, the water is cold but if you don’t mind you can swim, you will never swim as fast as here. You can do a small walk or make a small tour on a rowing boat or just relax at the beach while an exquisite pick nick will be set up for you. After the pick nick we will return to the Fundo Chincheros. You can upgrade this tour with a BBQ on a small island.

Featured Program

We have a recommended program, however you can customise your package adding more days and activities or changing the order of the tours and activities according your time, interest and needs.

3 Days 2 Nights Full Program

Airport transfers + Twin or single room + All meals included + Norden shore of Titicaca Lake with pic nic + Horseback riding + BBQ.

4 Days 3 Nights Full Program

Airport transfers + Twin or single room + All meals included + Titicaca Lake tour + Horseback riding + 4x4 Half-day tour.

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